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Group Emedia – Web and Interactive Communication Agency – The perfect union between art and technology

Welcome to Web and Interactive Communication Agency Group Emedia’s new website!
Our products and services specialized in website design, marketing and the development of professional
digital web solutions cover all areas of interactive communication. The highest quality, innovation and
lasting relationships are our priorities.


Get inspired by life and the power of interactive communication!

Our agency’s website showcases the convergence of our eight departments from a technical and
artistic viewpoint, and offers an overall interactive communication service that is fueled by our convictions
and passion. Our communication agency’s vision has always been clear: combine digital art and information technology. Today, we aim to perfect this union, since it is already a form of expression in its own right.

At first, we would like to share the fire upon which we thrive, through a video, in the hope that it will inspire you, communicate new energy, and that it will open you up to new opportunities. If it makes you appreciate our passion and emotions, then we will have fulfilled our mission: merging technology and art to better communicate in an interactive manner. We then invite you to explore the range of our disciplines listed below. In the following pages you will find detailed presentations on our Web Agency through brief explanations and analyses.

The eight converging departments and disciplines of our interactive communication agency.

The eight departments of our interactive communication agency each contain a host of convergent disciplines that are focused on a sole purpose: the quality of communication; our absolute priority.

Each department or discipline plays a very particular role, but none is more important than the role they play all together. Such interdisciplinarity is what makes our team’s performance so unique, because one service also provides the wisdom, knowledge and experience of seven others.

The communication field is moving forward at a rapid pace, however there is still a present to improve a future to create. Let’s do it together!

Our Web Agency’s specialized products.

Our interactive communication agency’s latest creation is the development of solutions and of specialized websites: greeting card mailing system, dating and chat, real estate, classified ads, social networks, company directory, employment, auction and much more.




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